• Frank Tooton

The New One Percent - Statement of Purpose

Updated: Mar 21, 2018

Many have heard of ‘The One Percent’, that financially advantaged group that seems to have most the money these days. How important is it to you that you have more control over your personal money decisions such that you may be part of “The New One Percent” ™ of people? Work towards what you truly deserve, based on your level of personal responsibility for financial happiness and success.

For individuals, being organized, budgeting and cash flow is tough or non-existent. In an ever-complex world, who and what can you believe is right for you? Few tools deal effectively with YOUR unique financial big picture, so what chance do you have for success?

Investing is often a misplaced priority, misunderstood and less optimal than many people want, led to believe or achieve. An investment in the right knowledge and tools first, often pays the best interest. Avoid unnecessary risks, fees and costs, you’ll be surprised how much you save!

Do you respond better to motivation or inspiration? Do goals often seem too onerous and elusive? An external ‘coach’ may work but wouldn’t you rather have a verifiable process that can help you achieve more, providing ongoing peace of mind that fits you, the unique individual that you are?

Has the ring of truth just sounded in the recesses of your mind? This could be an opportunity to help you claim your rightful place and get what you financially deserve for yourself and others who mean the most to you. Your true ‘values’ related to money will be shown by the actions you take, i.e. what you actually focus on and do.

Don’t miss a worthy and fulfilling journey, ride a different wave as part of The New One Percent! ™

Partake in an honest, cooperative and proven approach for financial peace of mind. Let’s see if there is a fit to guide and provide you with optimal tools and information.

The New One Percent ™ are people who will take the right action steps to have more control of their money decisions.